Friday, June 27, 2008

PART II: Rel and G

this is from the section on Islam. since i am already aware of a lot of the facts written here, my notes will focus on the ones i find pertinent to what im studying now

189-arabs are only 20% of muslim community

194-since late 60s there been a islmc revival

?-18th and 19th ce revivals: Sanusi-Libya, Fulani-Nigeria, Padri-Indon, Wahhabism-SA, Mahdi-Sudan

238-W. imperialists set up univs to westernize elites

239-early 20th ce egyptian secular educators promoted islm's history of secularism
240-Taha Husayn and Ali Abd al-Raziq were both sutdents of 19th ce islamic modernist Muhammad Abdul. Other modernists: Sayyid Ahmad Khan and Muhammad Iqbal (both from S. Asia)--Iqbal wanted a universal liberal Sharia
243-founder of pakistan (M. ali Jinnah) was secularist
244-2 revivalist movements circa the 1930s: brotherhood (mass) and Jamaat (relus scholar mvment) w/ Mawlanda Abul Ala Mawdudi--both tried to show that "w" values were "really" islamic values
249-1965 several brotherhood leaders were accussed of assasination attempt and executed (including qutb who was starting to support violent jihad)

250-late 20th ce mosque attendance has risen

252-wars in the 60s and 70s made many question "w. models of dvlpmnt and natn building as well as personal life" ('69 riots in Kuala Lumpur, '71 pak-bangledesh civil war, leb civil war, arab/israeli wars, iran rev)
255-more relus violence: assas of Sadat '81, taking of grand mosque in mecca in '79, afghanis fighting russia, shia revolts, Gamaa Islamiya in egypt
256-many revivalists became integrated into political systems, elected (Nahda-Tunisia, FIS-Algeria, welfare-turkey)

264-Initially muslm govs and groups have debated all teh diff aspects of the how and where to change

266-today, w. muslms r not primarily immigrant but rather 2nd and 3rd gen

267-in us "more than 1 million" have converted to islam
-mabye 20% of african slaves were muslim
-says 60%(non indigenous heritage)/(around)35% AA/5%(?) white
271-b/c of experiences in us, muslims have changed: tendency of nonmuslims to identify "natl culture" as judeo-Xn and not islam
272-amer courts have at times refused to regard the wearing of the hijab as relus--rgarding it as an attempt to prostelytize
-adaption: mosque architecture, local imams, creating mechanisms to obtain legal fatwas from local muftis, muslim orgs for social, ed, and media causes, schools

273-G has made global networks of relus knowledge--schoalrs, preachers, activists, entertainers

274-questions muslims now ask: what does it mean to b a muslim in a contemp society? what is the relevance of islam to everyday life?

277-implementation of sharia law has been diff in ea place: iran, sudan, afghan, pak, sa
-eg taliban rule (afgh and sa) didnt let women vote, while in iran and pak they could and hold office

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