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Rethinking islm: the ideology of the new terror by meghnad desai

Rethinking islm: the ideology of the new terror by meghnad desai

10-there is not Qnc injuntin against portraying M; coins w/ his image in the 7th ce (crone 86: 25), on manuscripts as late as the 15th ce (bates 2/2/06), shia has no ban—only a hidith that syas “angels do not enter a house where there r animals or images” w/ not elaboration as to why

11-“it is not the rel, it is how it is put to use polly, that determines [how it is used on controversial arenas]”

12-“we need to rethink rel polly and not just treat it as rel. if we don’t, then there will b something missing from our capacity to cope w/ the poll consequences of relus beliefs”

-believes that recent terrorism is “not a rel but an ideology. That ideology wears a relus garb, but we have to c thru that garb and discern the poll lineaments beneath”

15-the marixms-leninsims made “the first empire built on an ideology”

17-state terrorism is older and more systematic and less criticized—AlQ is a “NGO*, so to speak”—def of terrorism: “a systematic violent assault on innocent populations”—“ppl univivolved w/ or unable to affect the issue aat dibute btwn terrorists or enemy”

-some us politicians supported ira

18-but changed their stance after 9/11

-terrorism has been used in recent civil wars and anti colonial wars for indpndnce—some before came countires leaders

21-the holocaust showed the w. they should b tolerant or that was their future

-anit capitalist terrorist groups in the 60s

22-to become more accepting, whites started learning about others

24- says u need to separate groups who fight for territory from those who fight for thw world (3 types: moral islmsm, ntl (poll) islmsm, and global islmsm)

39-after the breaking up of the me and the end of the caliphate, the whole al-itind felt they were in a bad time, defeatism

45-saudis started putting up madrsas all over, which were sometimes the only school option for third world ppl

52-the stationing of us troops in the hijazz after the gulf war was seen by muslims as the nadir of islam’s fall, and sparked terror

54-by 90s there were large diasporas in all major metropolises

58-word “idealogie” invented by destutt de tracy—fr rev—world worked du to human agency and not to divine powers

59-says diff btwn rel and idealogy is rel relies on a “supernatural, tradtl principle” while ideology “relises on reason and a systematic study of causes to provide its explanation”—either can take on the face of antoehr

65-feurbach was the first to insinuate that god was a human creation, hegel said xnty was the supreme rel helping ppl to lead the march of the rtl to the second coming, progress

66-marx and engels’ the germn ideology 1846 gave “the first and most elaborate attempt at providing a theory of history and of society w/out in any way invoking god or any other supernatural or extra –rtl agency” (“materialist theology”)—surfaced in marx 59 a contribution to the critique

-this offered stages of history, (more complex than adam smiths)

67-communist manifesto 48 also held stages—“modes of production”—progress

68-in theses on Feuerbach he gave “perhaps the best def of ideology”

69-his theories got taken up by diff parties, first german then Russian

70-lein took marx’s gradualist theory and made it imminent by saying a vanguard party would rep the proletariat—poll action

-disciplined and disciplined others w/out caring what they thot, like Savonarola and calvin

76-says 70s communist terrorists and mod islmsts r descendents of anarchists tho islmsts have central office, alq , “or at least inspired them”

79-anarchism became pop un second half 19th ce in Russia, killed tsar alex II 1881, pres Garfield, and gavrilo princip hated Austrian rule over slaves so killed archduke Ferdinand and wife Isabella during their visit to Serbia; Thoreau was anarchist

80-said mcveigh on too, and kkk

-say ntlsism originates in napoleanic wars and anit-colognial fighters

93-says after ussr fell and countries degenerated—the world became “a neo-medieval state”

96-obl did not work w/ cia—they worked w/ ISI of pak, w/ which obl “had few dealings”

-“glbl islmsm” is the terrorist ideology on global scale since early 90s, alq is principle agency

97-says hamas is part of it

98-obl criticizes sa for: 1) usury in banking, calls the apostates 2) allowing foreign troops to b stationed on holy lands in gulf war—his principle complaint (99)

99-mongols ruled (1256-1336)

100-tho no troops r in mecca or medina; and haven’t come close to the hajj or plundered sanctuaries, so obl just uses rhetoric—in which he unites all muslims, esp under battles throughout the muslim world

105-obl criticizes us’ receiving of Gerry adams, leader of ira, even brit didn’t like that

107-1998, obl and zawahiri launched world islmc front, and leaders from Egypt, pak, and banglesh came

120-obl hates us has const, not sharia; usury; debauchery; hiv/aids; not signing Kyoto agreement; preventing democracy abroad; aiding Israel; not persecuting intlly us war criminals; allowing Guantanamo

-want to b dealt “w/ on basis of mutual interests and benefits, rather than the policies of subjugation”

122-cites hourani that says “the origin of muslim misery” is due to oe not adapting to scientific and rtl modes of thinking

127-since 89 alq-trained terrorist groups have fot in Kashmir

130-he criticizes obl as 1 sided views on amer aggression, ignoring muslim aggression

132-to battle global islam u need to separate islam from it (and interps of q and hadith)

133-b/c of its attention, many ppl think it’s the only form of islm and politicians have used an uncritical textualist approach to the q

134-transmission of ancients to eupr was thru muslm scholars

136-praises dec of ind and accepts idea of equality

138-uns 5 permanent member veto power does obstruct other countries

-says idea of nation started in 18th ce w/ dutch battle for liberty from Spanish emp, then us and fr revs and took root w/ napoleanic wars, then w/ 3ed world

139- bangledesh 71

148-camp david accords 78, after yom kippu war—sadat met w/ begin

-oslo accords 93, rabin, peres, Arafat

157-rejects idea of single umma

158-says it’s a whabbi construction—so most muslms “r no more a single body than xns r” tho admits G is changing it

162-agrees w/ undp assessment and says arab countries need to follow the standard litany of ecoc dvlpmnt ideas “if they r to grow and achieve higher levels of human dvlpmnt and run responsible macroeconomic policies”—does not tlak on oil

163-compares obl to puritans w/ desire to have just own rel, but said puritans were superior b/c they supported invlty, debate, and election

166-glbl islm is not like Nazism which was state run and overt, it is more like communism which tried to win hearts and mind and had covert fighters

-so “it is not the scond world war that we have to fight again, but a longer and more protracted battle in which ideas r as important as armaments”

171-says today there r “no alternatives to capitalism; the debate is about what type of capitalism one wants”

174-hes atheist, calls for syncretization of all rels, run q into lit like bible has been

175-need to absorb arab and muslim culture

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